Grow Your Own Wheatgrass with these Sprouters –
Have Wheat grass Juice the Easy way.

Do you want to become optimally healthy and full of energy?

Wheatgrass juice is the answer.

Want the easiest way to figure out how to grow your own wheatgrass?  Checkout the How-To Wheatgrass DVD (opens in new window).   Also checkout this wheatgrass juicer – very affordable and the best that I have tested to date..for more general info read on!

According to Ann Wigmore, the founder of wheatgrass healing, wheatgrass juice:

  • cleanses and builds your blood,
  • improves skin and hair,
  • builds muscle and endurance
  • fights infections,
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • dissolves tumors,
  • acts as an appetite suppressant.

If you need information on wheatgrass, its juice and its effects, please read about wheatgrass, and then come back and look at the sprouters.
If you want to see the sprouters right now, just click on the pictures and then come back and read the rest of this page for background.

If you have already decided you want wheatgrass to be part of your health plan so you will live to be old with your mind and health intact, then you have a few choices:

  • Buy wheatgrass juice daily at the juice bar – $3-5 a day.
  • Buy wheatgrass online and shipped overnight – $18 and up per pound.
  • Buy flats of wheatgrass at the farmer’s market – $15-25 a tray.
  • Or grow your own trays of wheatgrass at home – less than $2.00 a tray.

BUT, it is not as easy to grow at home as some folks claim. And it takes a lot of wheatgrass to make an ounce of juice. I get 6-8 ounces of juice from each tray of grass. There are a lot of companies on the net selling a few trays with a little seed and soil as a kit. Some kit sellers claim that you get 10-15 ounces from a tray. This has not been my experience.
A single person or a couple can manage with the 6 tray sprouter. There are new small automatic sprouters on the market that claim to grow wheatgrass – they are a joke – great for small 3 day sprouts like alfalfa but hopeless for wheatgrass – unless you only want an a few ounces of juice a week!!

It’s been over 6 years and I am still growing my wheatgrass using your great sprouter system. I try to juice everyday and I definitely notice the difference on the days that I don’t have my shot of wheatgrass 🙂


It took me 8 months to figure out how to grow wheat grass inside the house. I’ve had a green thumb all my life and I am very persistent. I wasn’t going to let this beat me. So, now, what I sell is not just a shelf unit for grass: it is a complete growing system with all the kinks worked out and all the problems solved and a dvd so you can grow along with me.

After you’ve learned to grow, tending and juicing your grass will only take 15 minutes a day per person. You need a system like this to keep wheatgrass ripening at the right time and to keep you organized. Try out one of those cheap kits and see how you do. If you enjoy growing grass then come back and buy one of my sprouting systems and get reliable juice for the long haul.

Or, if you can’t afford to buy my system, then buy my ebook, “The 5 Secrets of Growing Great Wheatgrass” and work out a growing system for yourself. I really want anyone who has the will and desire to grow wheat grass and heal themselves, to have success with it.

If you have seen the small automatic sprouters on the market that claim to be for wheatgrass, just check out the square inches of the trays. Those sprouters are ok for the small sprouts like alfalfa but not for wheatgrass, unless you just want an ounce or two a week.

Wheatgrass takes 10-12 days to grow before juicing and it needs special care that sprouts do not. Wheatgrass growers also have a huge problem with mold which no-one else mentioned until I brought it out in the open. I teach you how to fix that problem. For people already trying to grow and having mold problems, see Citricide.

If you have been taking any of the regular dried green powders you will be amazed at the difference you feel when you switch to fresh, live juice. But, if for any reason you are not ready to grow your own wheatgrass right now, then try my green food. I tested every one on the market and this is truly the best. It doesn’t even taste bad! Be sure to read the pH balance page so you can understand how  green drinks can save your life!

My sprouters will grow great sunflower greens and buckwheat lettuce also….so yummy!

SUMMER IS HERE! – Get your sprouter now and have live, fresh greens to stay healthy and enjoy your Summer.

These sprouters were invented and created…

  • for sick people to have at home so they can heal.
  • for fitness buffs, athletes and weight trainers to improve performance.
  • for anyone who wants to feel energetic, vibrant and alive.
  • for anyone who hates vegetables.
  • for anyone who wants to grow stronger instead of older.
  • for people on live, raw food diets.
  • for pregnant women so their babies are born healthy, strong and smart.
  • for children to grow healthy and strong, smart and peaceful.
  • for old people to help with their aches and pains and their digestive problems.
  • for your pet birds and animals.

For those of you who are handy I have put together an instruction dvd with some hard-to-find parts so you can make your own large sprouter.
ubuild kit

Find out more about all these products. Take the first step from feeling less than your best to becoming robustly, vibrantly, joyfully healthy.


So get it now and get your living greens daily!

You may also need growing lights and a juicer.

You might also consider the Wheatgrass Growing DVD