Build Yourself a 6 Tray Sprouter

Build Yourself a 6 Tray Sprouter

This kit contains almost all the supplies you need to make a 6 tray sprouter. There are 2 DVDs in the kit, one for building the sprouter and one for growing the wheatgrass. Everything is explained very completely. If you are at all handy you should have no problems building the sprouter.

ubuildsprouterThe sprouter is made of pvc pipe and has fibreglass shelves. It is very similar to the one I sell on this site for $275-. I think it is the easiest and best way to grow wheatgrass for juice.

The kit contains:-

  • 2 DVDs – 1 constructing, 1 growing
  • CD to print out instructions on computer
  • 4 4-way pvc connectors (hard to find)
  • plastic for the base
  • fibreglass screening for the shelves
  • 8 growing trays
  • necessary pins
  • fabric cover for germinating tray
  • soaking seed container with screen top
  • sample bag of perlite
  • sample bag of Canadian Sphagnum Peatmoss
  • 1 oz dropper bottle of Citricide
  • 1 oz dropper bottle of kelp fertilizer
  • 5 lbs organic wheat seed

You will need to buy about $35- of supplies from your local Home Depot or Hardware store to complete the sprouter. The cover is optional and would cost another $17- for you to make yourself from supplies from Home Depot. This would be a pullover cover like my sprouters used to have. The reason to have a cover is to keep out cats.

Now you can provide a day’s labor and have a $275- sprouter for about half the price.

The dvds have an inkjet label printed directly on them – no paper labels that could harm your machine.
I can only ship to the US.

Ubuild 6 tray sprouter kit Price: $87.00 plus shipping

So get it now and get your living greens daily!

*Currently out of stock of this unit..but working on getting more.  In the meantime there is a replacement that will work just great.  It is a 3-tray stackable sprouter and is only $89 (so just get two if you need 6 trays).  It is the Sproutman…you can buy it here(opens in new window when you click)

You may also need growing lights and a juicer.

You might also consider the Wheatgrass Growing DVD