Citricide For Mold

4 ounce bottles of Citricide for Mold and Kelp fertilizer for bio-available minerals

The Citricide is impossible to get from the manufacturer in small quantities any more so I am reselling it myself. I have added the Kelp fertilizer so that you can get it them both for one shipping charge. I measure by weight, not by fluid ounces.

This is the growers version of Grapefruit Seed Extract and is 3 times stronger. It will enable you to supress the mold that is the biggest problem with growing wheatgrass. I was the first to use this product for wheatgrass growing. You have to be careful buying this product on the net because it can be diluted with GSE and you wouldn’t know it. I get it straight from the manufacturer and the company cannot produce enough at present. I will do my best to keep it in stock.

You will never get rid of mold completely. Mold likes exactly the same conditions that your grass likes. But with this product you will be able to keep it under control.

Kelp fertilizer is a certified organic kelp product available to feed your grass with minerals. In my opinion this product is much better than Azomite which is a ground rock sold on other wheatgrass sites. The kelp has already absorbed the minerals from the ocean and was alive at the time of harvest. It also has other growth factors besides minerals that cause it to grow about a foot a day in the ocean. You use it for foliar and root feeding.

Both these products are good for you as well as your grass. The Citricide traces will help strengthen your immune system. I have used it for years – it is very beneficial, a natural antibiotic.

I no longer use dropper bottles. They are now in bottles with regular caps and I include dilution instructions that are much easier than the old way of counting drops. They will each last longer than six months in the 6 tray sprouter if used as directed.

This product is in short supply lately but I managed to get hold of some. I can’t promise it will always be in stock.



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So get it now and get your living greens daily!

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