Wheatgrass eBook

Ebook: Five Secrets of Growing Wheatgrass.

I know there are a lot of people out there trying to grow wheatgrass and having a hard time with it. All the books say how easy it is, but I meet people all the time who are very frustrated. If you are having problems with mold or flies or small yield and don’t have time to experiment like I did then here is the answer. This e-book will actually save you money; not to mention aggravation. This is a book in Adobe Acrobat format that has the five secrets of growing great wheatgrass that took me 8 months to learn. It is not a generalized book about wheatgrass and it is not the complete step by step growing guide that comes with my system.At a demonstration I did recently most people who were familiar with wheatgrass said mine tasted better than any they had ever had.I still think that one of my sprouters is the absolutely best way to grow so if you read the book and then order a sprouter I will deduct the cost of the book.

Please note: this is not a printed book, it comes through your computer and you can print it out yourself if you want to. After you have paid you will get an email with a link to a secure site where you can download the file. To download the file right click on the link and choose ‘save target as’ or ‘save page as’. If you can’t print from your computer then you will have to find a friend who can. I can’t make an exception and print out the book for you.

Grow Wheatgrass e-book

Price 9.95

So get it now and get your living greens daily!

You may also need growing lights and a juicer.

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