Organic Wheatgrass Seed

Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Seed


I cannot stress too much that the quality of your seed is of primary importance in order to avoid mold and grow great wheatgrass. Every kernel of seed that does not germinate will rot and that will attract mold to your trays. Most wheat seed has been grown for flour and kept too long for good germination. Farm supply seed has been treated with fungicides. Only organic seed has all that nature needs to grow wheatgrass that will heal us. Factory farm seed is a very poor imitation.

Ann Wigmore tried many different varieties of seed before settling on hard red winter wheat seed as the best one for growing wheatgrass.

Buying this will give you time to search for a local source of top quality seed and something to test it against in your environment. Seed is expensive to ship so you will want to find a local source as soon as possible.

5 Pounds is around $12: Buy It Here (opens in new window)

10 Pounds is around $20:  Buy It Here (opens in new window)


So get it now and get your living greens daily!

You may also need growing lights and a juicer.

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